Latest Himachal GK 2021

Latest Himachal GK 2021

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  1. What is the vedic name of river Chenab?

[A] Bipasa
[B] Askini
[C] Satudri
[D] Chandni

2. Which of these places in Himachal Pradesh was founded by Sahil Varman?

[A] Keonthal
[B] Chamba
[C] Shimla
[D] Keonthal

3. On which of the following dates Himachal Pradesh became a full-fledged state of the Indian Union?

[A] 31st Dec 1970
[B] 29th Jan 1971
[C] 25th Jan 1971
[D] 26th Jan 1971

4. Who was the leader of Dhami movement in Himachal Pradesh?

[A] Swami Parmanand
[B] Mahatma Gandhi
[C] Lala Hardyal
[D] Bhagmal Sautha

5. Which of the following was the first state to merge with the Indian Union?

[A] Bhagat
[B] Bilaspur
[C] Theog
[D] Nurpur

6. Who among the following was the first Lt. Governor of Himachal Pradesh? 

[A] Himmat Singh
[B] Bajrang Singh
[C] E. Pederal Moon
[D] Y.S Parmar

7. What was the ancient name of Baijnath?

[A] Mahasu
[B] Nahan
[C] Lokgram
[D] Kirigram

8.Which of the following Governor-Generals of India made a visit to Chamba on 13th Nov 1871?

[A] Lord Mayo
[B] Lord Lytton
[C] Lord Ripon
[D] None

9.Who led the Quit India movement 1942 in Shimla?

[A] Y S Parmar
[B] Shiva Nand Ramaul
[C] Amrit Kaur
[D] Parmanand

10.Swan river flows through which of the following districts of Himachal Pradesh?

[A] Una
[B] Kangra
[C] Lahaul Spiti
[D] Shimla

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Latest Himachal GK 2021

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